Welcome to the world of Farmabijoux!

Quality, safety and beauty are the key words that identify the new brand Farmabijoux!

Our products are hypoallergenic and nickel tested, designed and crafted in full respect for environment and work ethic, and available only in pharmacies and para-pharmacies.

Farmabijoux is the perfect solution for your allergy!

 Don’t miss out on the charm and style of a bijoux exclusively designed to enhance your beauty with elegance and simplicity in every moment of the day, thanks to the preciousness of the extraordinary Swarovski® Crystal.

There’s much more behind a simple jewel: buying Farmabijoux also means to contribute to a solidarity project. We want to be active in social commitment and part of our incomes are given to charity.

Your health is important to us, choose to stay healthy and let your face shine with the beauty accessories from Farmabijoux, only in pharmacies and parapharmacies!